Nelly Camacho

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My work includes web design, static and dynamic websites, as well as illustration, digital and hand drawn. The tools I normally use are HTML, CSS, PHP, CMS, a bit of JS, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

Tinto at Five cover

Tinto at Five

It aims to promote the Latin American community through the services they offer to the residents. | University

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Boticelli business website, university project

Botticelli, Art and Craft supplies

A fictional website that aims to increase customers to a small local business | University project

Responsive version Fixed width version
The Little Prince, university project

The Little Prince, Chapter XXI

A typography project for a piece of literature, no images allowed. | University project

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Jurassic Park, university project

Jurassic Park, film promotion

A promotional web campaign for a 90s film. | University project

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An unexpected  book cover

An Unexpected Friendship

An illustrated children's book about friendship | Personal project

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